The Vesper Defense Outpost is an abandoned Alimbic military base that is found in close proximity to the ice planet, Arcterra. Vesper is one of two space stations in the Alimbic Cluster, the other being the Celestial Archives.

Vesper, in its current state, is in terrible disrepair, with numerous breaches in the hull and frozen fuel crystals on the surface. The interior is kept at sub-zero temperatures to prevent the base's high-power weaponry from overheating. Many defense systems protect the abandoned station, like Psycho Bits, Alimbic Turrets, Quadtroids, Lesser and Greater Ithraks and Guardians. Two Octolith artifacts are found here, one guarded by the Cretaphid Mk. 2, which fires blasts of heat-seeking plasma, and the other guarded by the Slench Mk. 4, which is armed with a Judicator (a weapon that fires freezing bullets of supercooled plasma).


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)

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