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Vestal is a planet in an alternate dimension and the overpopulated home planet of the Vestals. It is a highly advanced technological planet but large quantities of life still exist alongside the Vestals.

Basic informationEdit

Vestal is a planet in a dimension different than both Earth and New Vestroia. Likewise, Neathia and Gundalia are in other dimensions.


Vestal's life is very similar to Earth; despite being in an alternate dimension. Some examples of this convergent life include;

  • Vestals - native sapient race.
  • Plants with special features, like throwing seeds.
  • Earth-like insects including bees.
  • Earth-like birds.


Their technology is a few centuries ahead of Earth. A known Vestal named Professor Clay said that Vestal has a huge population so many people are involved in advancing technology. It can also be the fact that Vestal has more metals and water than Earth.


  • Vestal is one of the only planets besides New Vestroia with a large water system.

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