Victor 1
Species Human
Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Occupation Claims to have worked at Area 51 and S4
Status Either dead or alive
Victor is the name of an unknown individual who claims he works at Area 51 and S4 in Nevada. In the documentary below, Victor was interviewed by Rocket Pictures' president, Tom Coleman. Victor also said he brought a tape of an alien interview which survived the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash. Victor would not reveal his real name or identity. In the interview, he agreed to appear on camera, in shadow, and with his voice electronically altered. Some questions were asked about Victor's identity and Victor refused to answer them. At one point during the interview, Victor terminated it, due to the questions he was being asked. A few minutes later, the interview resumed and continued through. According the Victor, the tape he brought was not the original. It had been copied somewhere else. Victor would not reveal the location of the original copy. Later, the video was shown to a props designer, a costume designer, a UFO historian, an astronomer, and a man who claims he had been abducted by alien beings. Both, the props and costume designers claimed the video to be a hoax, while the UFO historian, the astronomer, and the abducted man, however, disagreed with both of them, claiming that the video is real.
This is a REAL interview with an actual alien!01:06:12

This is a REAL interview with an actual alien!

A documentary of Victor and the tape that he brought.

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