Viras is the leader of a group of squid-like aliens, who intend to conquer Earth. Viras is the largest of the group and remains in his alien form while his followers take on human forms (albeit with alien-looking eyes).

The aliens are shown as been able to fly on-board their ship, speak English and possess various powers. Viras can also merge with all his followers into one gigantic kaiju form. In his kaiju form, however, Viras appears to act in a more primitive way.

Viras appears as the main antagonist of the Showa era Gamera movie, Gamera vs. Viras, and as a minor antagonist in the Showa era Gamera movie, Gamera: Super Monster.


Viras aboard his ship.

Viras aboard his ship.

An attempt by Viras' species to conquer Earth originally was thwarted by the kaiju known as Gamera, who engaged the ship in a space battle and destroyed it - although not before the ship transmitted a message back to their home-world that Gamera was their enemy. Following this initial failure, Viras and another group of the extraterrestrials began planning a second invasion attempt.

Later traveling to Earth, Viras and the aliens located Gamera underwater after he had been playfully racing
The aliens use their Super-Catch ray.

The aliens use their Super-Catch ray.

against two human boys in a submarine. Trapping them using their ship's "Super-Catch Ray", the alien's probed Gamera's mind and learned of his compassion towards children. Unfortunately, the ray weakened and Gamera broke free - taking off. Determined to use Gamera's power for their own purpose, the aliens kidnapped the two human boys and threatened to kill them. Not wanting the children to die, Gamera landed - with the aliens attaching a mind control device to him. With Gamera now under their control, the aliens kept the two boys as hostages while Gamera was sent on a rampage - attacking the Okomasashi Dam and eventually Tokyo.

The boys eventually escape, with the aliens ordering Gamera to kill them both. However, the boy's
Gamera fights Viras.

Gamera fights Viras.

interference along with Gamera's compassion overwhelms the control device and he furiously attacks the ship - damaging it beyond repair. Viras declares there is only one option left and, despite the reluctance of his followers, they shed their human forms before merging with Viras into one giant creature. Gamera and Viras battle, with Viras proving a solid opponent for Gamera - using his tentacles and supreme strength to throw Gamera around as well as using his spear-like head to impale Gamera and cause bad injuries to Earth's protector.

Viras Death

Viras' death.

However, Gamera was able to destroy Viras by flying him up into Earth's stratosphere, killing Viras as he freezes before dropping the alien's dead body into the ocean - ending the threat of invasion. Viras would later be revived by the evil aliens known as the Zanon - as part of their plan to conquer Earth. Once again, the alien squid battled Gamera, but would once again lose to Earth's guardian monster.

Viras did later appear in Gamera's "Heisei" era (which is unrelated to the previous "Showa" era in which Gamera vs. Zigra was a part of) in the Dark Horse comics. In the comic, however, he is no longer an alien but a creature that is genetically-engineered from a mad genius experimenting with the DNA of Gyaos. He battles Gamera in Paris, but is killed.


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