"Never trust a Virus."
―Matrix describing the race

Viruses are one of several races that inhabit the Net.

Appearance and AnatomyEdit

Most Viruses are humanoid beings like Sprites but differ from them in many ways. Being predatory by nature they possess fangs and claws and are covered in an organic body armour, making them more durable than Sprites. The most stand out feature of a Virus is the crown like growth protruding from their skulls that varies from individual to individual.

A sub set of Viruses exist known as Bugs; they are non sentient and appear as a simple sphere before burrowing into a target to spred their infection.

Unlike Sprites a Virus has a multitude of abilities that are beyond those of a normal sprite. This abilities can range from enhanced strength to reality warping. All viruses share the ability to infect other beings; bending the victim's body or mind to their will. Some rare indaviduals have a benighn infection that can cure the infection of another virus without harming or infecting the victim.

A Virus reproduces by recieving an "upgrade" from the User that programed it. The Upgrade process is shown to be a painful prosess that demands large amounts of energy. A virus going through an upgrade will attack and drain any creature it can find to complete the process. Once the upgrade is complete the new Virus is considered the offspring of the original virus. On rare ocasions a new virus can spawned through external sources. The best example being the creation of the twin viruses Megabyte and Hexadecimal who were spawned by the destruction of the Twin city.


  • ReBoot (First appearance)

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