Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Volcanic
Notable Species Polymorph

Viscosia is an igneous rock-encrusted, volcanic planet and the home planet of the Polymorphs.


Molten magma flows freely on Viscosia, constantly shaping and reshaping the jagged planetary surface in its path. Lava weeps out from fissures in the ever-changing landscape. Viscosia has a lighter gravity pull than Earth.


Viscosia was originally an uninhabited planet, it is here in the intense heat, among the unstable solids, that Polymorphs have made their new home planet. When their original home planet was destroyed under mysterious circumstances, their scientific community sent explorers out into the universe to find a suitable planet to relocate their species.


  • The name Viscosia is based on viscose, a product of processing cellulose. It may also be a play on viscosity (materials tendency to resist flowing).

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