An inaccurate depiction of the Vlur'aurkoe.


The Vlu'aurkoe are a mysterious race of humanoids who love to wander in their thoughts as well as exploring the depths of outer space in a quest for knowledge and curiosity of almost any kind.

Also see Vlur'aurkoe-Human First Contact


Instead of a single heart like us humans, they have three hearts. In order to use their three hearts, they have an advanced respiratory system that are made up of multiple series of pulmonary tubes parallel to the lymphatic system, instead of lungs.


They are far more technologically advanced than that of us humans.

Their greatest example of their technology is the Vlur'aurkoe drive, which is known to us as the Alcubierre drive. The Vlur'aurkoe drive allows their spaceships to go faster than the speed of light within the physics of general relativity by using the Casimir effects.

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