This was the first contact between our ancient ancestors and the humanoid alien race known as the Vlur'aurkoe (a.k.a The People Who Love To Wander In Their Thoughts).


Seventy-five hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Vlur'aurkoe had invented the Vlur'aurkoe drive, which allowed their spaceships to go faster than the speed of light within the physics of general relativity itself.

It was this invention of theirs that allowed them to find our planet Earth, during one of their experimential flights across the galaxy.

It was here that the Vlur'aurkoe decided to pay a visit to our planet in a quest for scientific curiosity and study.

When the Vlur'aurkoe ship landed in the Middle East, they found a small group of our ancient ancestors wandering around, evolving into a more advanced culture.

The small group soon saw the Vlur'aurkoe ship, and became both afraid and curious of the Vlur'aurkoe and their "magical powers".

When the Vlur'aurkoe saw this small group of wanderers in their path, they decided to study this small group in a quest for knowledge of our race.


After the first contact between our ancient ancestors and the Vlur'aurkoe, our ancient ancestors began to create the myths and legends of demons and devils.

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