Vogsphere is the home world of the Vogons. It is said to be long-abandoned because once hyperspace was discovered, the Vogons left Vogsphere for Megabrantis Cluster.


Anyone standing on Vogsphere must be careful not to think, because the planet is infested with shovel-like creatures called Vogon Slapsticks which leap up out of the ground and smack you in the face if you do so. These creatures prey on free thought and punish original ideas. It may be that the existence of such creatures on the Vogons' homeworld is the reason for their pathological hatred of independent thought, as survival on Vogsphere would entail avoiding such thinking. It is also home to Scintillating Jeweled Scuttling Crab, which the Vogons smash with hammers, and beautiful silky-coated gazelle-like creatures, which the Vogons sit on (invariably fatally).

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