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Universe Amorphous+ (game)
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 1m (in normal state)
Diet Any organic matter
Sentient Yes (medium aggression)
Intelligent Medium High

Maybe the strangest of all Glooples, the Void Eater has much more mass than the Gray-Gloople, but instead of becoming larger as would be expected, it's really small. This means that the Void Eater is extremely dense, to the level that controlling its size allows it to create gravitational pulls.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

A Void Eater seems able to alter its size by approximately a metre for short periods of time. Also, this creature can rapidly alter its mass: by reducing it, it increases its density greatly and attracts objects; by shrinking and then expanding in quick succession it creates a violently shockwave, destroying anything near it. Lastly, it can generate a powerful, black stream of condensed matter, which draws in nearby matter and vaporizing anything it comes in contact with (possibly due to compression into a singularity).

It's interesting the fact that, when a Void Eater is hit, it will simply be splatted, and its powers will be nullified. Some have thought that the death of a Void Eater could result into the creation of a dangerous black hole, but this behaviour would have been counterproductive for the Nest.

A Void Eater has structures in form of cilia that are always moving and these movements create a warp in the gravitational field around Void Eater. Cilia also have an important function to create the density beam (also called black stream), Void Eater concentrates it mass in the frontal cilia and then the cilia attracts local particles to create an amount of matter that in a small space becomes very compact, upon expansion it is directed by the cilia into a powerful stream.

By compressing into a tiny point a Void Eater create a gravity well that attracts nearby bodies, in this state Void Eater height is between 12 or 20 cm (5 or 8 times less than the normal phase)

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