The League of Legends is an institution that is located on a continent named Valoran, in a Planet named Runeterra. They were an organization created as an immediate response after the end of a recent Runewar, where political problems were carried into matches lead by summoning magicians generically known as summoners, an alternatiive to manual warfare which results in more casualties. Their relevance to extra-terretrial interractions involve the summoning of far away beings from the cosmos to fight for summoners in Runeterra. Sometimes, trans-cosmos summoning is disrupted by a lost city named known as Icathia, which was a gateway to a dimension named the Void.

The Void is a dimension that exists between different worlds. In the perspective of a fictional world named Runeterra, the void is not an empty place of tranquility but a world filled with beings of unspeakable horror whom wish to corrupt worlds suspended witin their realm.

Not much is known about the world although it has ancient projects were directed to seal up rifts blocking voidcreature from entering Runeterra. A lost city known as Icathia has been a gateway of the void into Runeterra, where many ancient artifacts can be found in the city leading to the possibility that these Icathians had reverrance for the voidbourn.

In League of Legends, four heroes are related to the void, two being humans attaining powers and two being species themselves originating from this plane.

Kassadin was a Human before who apparently found his way into the city of Icathia and began reading ancient texts in the pursuit of hidden knowledge. What he found was uneasy and transformed into an entity seeking to purge the Void from Runeterra and protect it from oncoming doom.

Malzahar on the other hand had an oppositve motive, after seeing visions of void creatures consuming Valoran, he now serves the Void and aids the realm for their conquest of Valoran..

Void creature are known as Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw are held prisoner in the institute of war. What is known about their speicies is that they appear insectoid. Cho'gath is a large insectoid creature that grows large after consuming his prey. Kog'maw resembles a dune-worm that has an undying hunger for everything and wishes to eat all that he can consume. Voidlings are diminutive insect like creatures summoned by Malzahar after every 4 spells he casts while in game,

Refference to HP lovecraftEdit

The void is likely based on HP Lovecraft's fictional works. Malzahar is likely based on a character named Abdul Alhazrad. Icathia is based on the unnamed city in Lovecraft's works. The void creature are based on creatures from Cthulhu's realm.

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