The Voldrum is another Alimbic combat mech that was made to compliment their numerous Psycho Bit drones. Voldrums are small combat drones that move on a single wheel pod with powerful guns mounted on its side. Voldrums, like the Psycho Bit, can be teleported in from another area. Unlike the latter, however, they can only be warped in by spawner portals. There are several versions of the Voldrum.

Unarmed Voldrum: A Voldrum without heavy weaponry that relies on quick ramming attacks to deal with intruders. The Voldrum attacks very quickly and can attack multiple times in quick succession, easily disorienting foes.

Normal Voldrum: The standard Voldrum, heavily armed and dangerous in large numbers. It is armed with a high-power energy weapon similar to the Power Beam, but its shots are explosive in nature.

Heavy Voldrum: These Voldrums are equipped with scattershot versions of the Battlehammer Heavy Repeater. Like the aforementioned weapon, it deals heavy damage, but it is vulnerable to the Volt Driver.

Magma Voldrum: Exactly what it says on the tin. This Voldrum uses a flamethrower version of the Magmaul to burn intruders. Like the Magmaul, they can set foes on fire.

Ice Voldrum: Again, this one is self-explanetory. It uses the Judicator to freeze intruders. It is very dangerous, because it can pelt a frozen enemy with attacks, dealing serious damage if one is not careful.

Electro Voldrum: And once again, the name says it all. This Voldrum uses the Volt Driver, which shoots blasts of electrical energy. These shots can disrupt the Combat Visor, interfering with Samus's vision.

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