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Voolox are possessive devices used by the Nekross to control people. It latches onto it's target's back and can turn invisible and can shoot firearms. After being released from the Voolox's control, the victim will not remember what they did whilst possessed. Varg used a Voolox to control Miss Webster, a teacher at King's Park High in order to get a magical ring in the possession of Benny Sherwood. But the Voolox was defeated when a wizard named Tom Clarke used magic to fight back and release Miss Webster from it's possession.

Later, Varg captured a wizard family and put them under Voolox control in order to capture Tom. After Tom's capture, the family where freed from possession, but after Tom drank raw magic, he teleported the family back to their home.


Voolox are dark blue robots shaped like lizards with longer arms and legs. They have rigged necks which are also long and reaches up the back of the head of their victims. Their arms wrap around the main chest, allowing them to hide behind the main frame of their victim.

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