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Vorb is a food-loving alien from We're back a dinosaur's story he lives with his friend captain Neweyes.


While Rex was trying to devour a plant-eater a huge spaceship appeared out of nowhere and Vorb floated out of it and he was acting like a breakfast cereal commercial mascot just like dig-em the frog and he was offering Rex brain grains when Rex saw him and after Rex's ugliness melted away he said that it's time for lunch then he took Rex to another room where they saw Elsa, Woog and Dweeg eating hotdogs and Rex joins them while Vorb goes to greet his friend and they made the dinosaurs make their escape later he appears during Professor Screweyes circus scene and after he saves all the dinosaurs from a terrible fate he flies home with Rex, Elsa, woog, Dweeg, Louis, young mrs. Nuthatch, captain Neweyes and buster bluebird.

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