Vortex was a Mid Rim planet in the Glythe sector. The planet was the home world of the Vors, a race with wings, but no emotion.


Vortex was known for its violent weather, particularly sharp winds, which was caused by an abnormal tilt in the planet's axis. During the winter months, vast polar ice caps formed almost instantaneously by the freezing gases in the planet's atmosphere. The sudden change in air pressure made huge currents, which swept across the entire planet.


The only sentient species that evolved in Vortex was known as the Vors.

Vortex joined the Galactic Republic in 3977 BBY.

The center of the Vor's society was the Cathedral of Winds, a building that resonated with tones as the planet's strong winds struck it. Admiral Ackbar crashed his modified B-wing into the Cathedral, due to sabotage by double-agent Terpfen. The Vors, apparently unconcerned despite the tragic loss of life, rebuilt the cathedral in a new design. At that point Krini-shen was the Chief Council.

The planet was represented in the New Republic Senate by Fyg Boras.

The Yuuzhan Vong conquered Vortex shortly before the Battle of Coruscant. Near the end of the war, the Ryn Network operated a cell on the world.