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Vorticon VI
Vorticon VI
Universe Commander Keen Universe
System Vorticon System
Class Terrestrial Water World
Primary Terrain Purple Rock Fields
Notable Species Vorticons, Foobs, Meeps, Messies

Vorticon VI is the sixth planet in the Vorticon System, and is the homeplanet of the Vorticons. Its atmosphere and gravity appear to be on par with the Earth, and like Earth, it appears is a water planet. At least 4 continents exist along its surface, as well as a large island. Two of the continents are named Vortiville and New Vorticon, although the names of the other two and the island are unknown. The ground is a strange purple hue, leading to a speculation as to the kind of mineral it is made of.

Appearances Edit

  • Commander Keen, Episode 3: Invasion of the Vorticons

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