Vowad was a male Haydonite who served as the Prince Administrator of his homeworld of Haydon IV. Similar to most of his kind, he prized order and believed in peaceful co-existance and strict neutrality. His daughter was Sarna and he was opposed to the growing beliefs of radicals such as Veidt.

When the Invid conquered the Robotech Masters, Haydon IV retained its neutrality due to its powerful defensive systems. However, Haydonites such as Veidt and Sarna believed that co-existence was impossible with the Invid Regent though their pleas were often ignored by the majority. Vowad thus served as host to both the Regess and Regent when they came to his world.

It was only after the death of Sarna at the hands of the Invid did Vowad decide to align his people with the Sentinels against the Regent.

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