One of the Beast Generals sent to conquer any planets they could get their hands on. He is higher ranking than both Blokk and Lamprey, and thus can choose which of his subordinates' plan to carry out. Additionally, he is able to act as an interdimensional transport, teleporting Blokk and Lamprey to safety when able to. Being significantly larger than Blokk and Lamprey, Voyd is assumed to be much more powerful than both of them, and is the one being besides the Beast Planet they both fear. He is a mysterious being that never speaks, and appears primarily in the first season. He later appears on a monitor within Blokk's fighter during the second season. Interestingly, Voyd does not have a "jaw"(unlike Blokk and Lamprey), which may be the reason why he never talks. He, however, still make grunts similar to that of Beast Drones.The fact that Lamprey is female, Blokk is male and Voyd is of indeterminate gender may be seen as significant in their positions and in the way they prefer to work.

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