Vulcan / T'Khasi / Ti-Valka'ain
(Nevasa II)
Universe Star Trek Universe
Classification Class M
Affiliation United Federation of Planets (founding member 2161)
Location 40 Eridani[1]
Moon(s) None
Dominant Species Vulcans
Population 4.9 billion Vulcans (as of 2370s)
Length of day 24 hours
Capitol ShirKahr
Vulcan (planet)

Vulcan, as seen from space

Vulcan, also known as T'Khasi, is the desert M-class planet that is homeworld to the Vulcans and it was also known as Ti-Valka'ain in the Vulcan language. Planet Vulcan's population was approximately 4.9 billion in 2378. While it has no moon, but does have a sister planet - T'Rukhemai - one feature of which is the Vulcanis Lunar Colony.

The world circled a star known as Nevasa to the Vulcans. The planet was the second planet of six that orbit the orange star which is part of trinary system with the two other stars being too far away to immediately be visible in Vulcan's sky. Vulcan is a harsh, desert planet with barely a quarter of its surface area containing water. It possesses a thin atmosphere and high gravity (1.4 g). Vulcan's geology produces starkly upthrust mountains, craggy inhospitable and inspiring to the planet's acestic logicians and mystics alike. The capital of Vulcan is ShirKahr which is a low, stark city laid out in logical grids and quarters around an ancient oasis.

Sometime during the 24th Century, a Romulan former-miner by the name of Nero went back in time to 2233 through the usage of Red Matter and proceeded to open up a black hole inside of the planet, leading both to the world's destruction and an alternate timeline in which Vulcan had, obviously, been destroyed. In the process, the Vulcans also were forced into becoming an endangered species, with only about 10,000 remaining after the destruction of the planet and a scattering of an unknown number throughout Federation-occupied space.

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