"My power is unmatched!" -Vulkoras Desolator Build Quote

The Vulkoras is a huge Vasari warship crammed with powerful weapons designed to lay waste to enemy planets. At full power it can level enemy colonies in minutes. Its armaments include powerful Pulse Beam Cannons, Plasma Wave Cannons and two huge Phase Missile Bays.


Using the Vulkoras: When sieging a planet, move the Vulkoras into position and start burning the place. The Siege Platforms it deploys assist in bombing by acting as temporary siege units, bombing the planet until it self-destructs. Phase Missile Swarm launches a cloud of Phase Missiles that home in on nearby targets. It is most effective against small fleets, but can be effectively nullified by larger numbers. Its ultimate ability, Disintegrate, sends nanites that disassemble an enemy, draining its hull while restoring the Vulkoras.

Fighting the Vulkoras: Have a good defense ready. If you're the TEC, have a Shield Generator up, cause things will heat up fast.


Class: Vasari Juggernaut

Attack Power: Very High

Defense: Tough

Speed: Slow

Squadrons Supported: 0-1

Weapons: Phase Missile(Avg. Damage: 24), Pulse Wave Beam( Avg. Damage: 10), Plasma Wave Cannon(Avg. Damage: 7), Heavy Pulse Wave(Avg. Damage: 53)


Phase Missile Swarm: Launches a volley of Phase Missiles that home in on random enemy targets.

Deploy Siege Platform: Deploys an automated platform that bombs the planet the Vulkoras is attacking.

Assault Specialization: Passive ability that increases bombardment damage and damage to structures.

Disintegration: Ultimate ability. Uses Nanites to sap an enemy unit's hull, shield and antimatter and restore the Vulkoras's own hull, shields and antimatter.

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