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Universe Marathon Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Unknown
Diet Unknown
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies Unknown

The Vylae are a race of spacefaring beings notable for their large computer network. A number of them follow the profession of traders, and are known to do business with another species, the Nar.

Following the destruction of Tau Ceti by the Pfhor in 2794, the Human-built A.I. Leela was stolen from one of the Pfhor ships that were en route to their homeworld, a victim of Nar privateering. Believing the half-dissected Leela A.I. to be nothing more than junk, the Nar captain sold her to the Vylae. Unfortunately for them however, upon her reactivation, her sudden growth through their 15-world computer network caused her to experience immediate Rampancy. Despite their best attempts, the Vylae could not remove her, and eventually gave up trying.

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