Warp Pad

A "Warp Pad" is a device used to teleport Gems to other locations.


Warp pads transfer their users through another dimension called Warp Space to locations within the current dimension as seen in "Warp Tour" and proven when the Crystal Gems had to swim back from the Lunar Sea Spire. Sugilite also had to swim/walk back from the Communications Hub. In the episode "Space Race", the Galaxy Warp is shown, a location that is filled with broken warp pads that had once lead to different places off planet, suggesting that no known warp pads on Earth go anywhere else besides a location on Earth itself. "Winter Forecast" suggests that with enough focus, a small group of Gems in a circle can warp an object on its own to another location without warping themselves.

Warp pads can become destroyed by weighted objects, as seen in "Coach Steven", when a boulder fell, and was smashed into a warp pad, and as a result, Pearl could not warp back to the Communications Hub. The Flask Robonoids were also revealed to be strong enough to chip them. Warp pads can also become damaged to a point where they don't work, as all the warp pads at the Galaxy Warp were damaged previously by unknown means and all of them are shown as inactive.

Known Warp Pad LocationsEdit

  • Attack the Light Dungeons
    • Unknown Cave Dungeon (World 1)
    • Gem Battlefield (World 2)
    • The Desert (World 3)
    • Lunar Sea Spire (World 4)
    • Unknown Lava Dungeon (World 5)


  • A Warp Whistle can be used to activate warp pads, as shown in "House Guest".
  • Steven is revealed to be able to warp on his own in "House Guest". He becomes proficient enough at it to warp others with him by the time of "Island Adventure".
  • Steven gets a glimpse of what it is like outside a warp stream in "Warp Tour", which is like a void with other warp streams going towards a single point.
    • It's also revealed that it's cold and airless outside warp streams, like all other voids.
  • Flask Robonoids contain a special liquid that can repair warp pads.
  • It is slightly apparent that if a warp pad has the slightest chip or crack in it, it will cease to function, thus rendering it "Inactive".
  • It is revealed in "Winter Forecast" that Gems can transport objects, such as the "Shooting Star" through the warp pads without warping themselves.
  • It has been shown that humans can use the warp pad in two ways so far - By standing on the warp pad and using the Warp Whistle, and standing on a warp pad when a Gem activates it.



  • Steven Universe episode 1: "Pilot" (First appearance)