Warren was Bucky O'hares homeworld in the comics and the cartoon series

Episode appearancesEdit

Episode one when Bucky announced that the crew were headed to Warran Willy Duwitt was confused the bucky stated Warren was his homewwrd tht was conquered by the Toad empire Blinky displayed an advert for Warren advertising a lush vacation planet with the largest minigolf course in the Beta Quadrent

Episode 4 Bucky revisited gis homeworld and was captured by the toads and was placed aboard a toad transport when jenny heard about the she ordered the crew of the Righteous Indignation to pursue as they were aproeching dead eye duck opened fir on the transport Bucky made it back on the ship and went back disguised and was captured by the toads there he met another slave then they captured the climate converter the toad threatened to destroy it unless the mammals hand ut over the Willy Duwitt used it against the toads

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