Biography Information
True Identity Watt
Alias Watt
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Age 230 (Circa 1991)
Language English
Occupation Prince
Abilities Transanimateobjectify
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Watt on Earth Universe
Created by Pip Baker; Jane Baker
Performed by Garth Napier Jones



Watt; an extraterrestrial with, by human standards, an odd taste in food, and the ability to "transanimateobjectify" (shape-shift). Watt on Earth is a children's television programme that ran for two 12-episode series, shown as part of Children's BBC. It was written by the Doctor Who writers Pip and Jane Baker.

He comes to Earth to flee his evil uncle: Watt is heir to the throne on his home planet, and his uncle had sent his top henchman Jemadah to follow and kill Watt. While Watt is over 300 years of age, he appears to be a human in his early twenties.

Watt lands in the English town of Haxton, where he becomes friends with Sean Ruddock (played by Tom Brodie). Sean keeps Watt's presence in the house a secret throughout the series.

When they first meet, Watt is disguised as an apple with a blue stalk. Every episode features Watt transanimateobjectifiying into a different inanimate object, each time with an error. Watt himself has back-to-front ears in the first series and green ears in the second. At the end of the last episode of the first series, Watt manages to contact his planet and subsequently leaves without saying goodbye to Sean. At the start of Series 2, Watt returns one Earth year later, though from Watt's point of view, he'd only been gone 2 weeks as the time is different on his planet.

Sean's parents are in charge of the local newspaper, The Haxton Weekly, and think their son is odd. Sean's sister, Zoë, is suspicious of his behaviour, and comes close to seeing Watt on many occasions. Towards the end of the second series, Jemadah places a device outside Sean's house which causes Watt to lose the ability to transanimateobjectify, and in trying to regain the ability, Watt passes through each of the transformations in all the previous episodes. Jemadah disguises himself as a private detective and puts up posters of Watt, describing him as a missing heir to an estate.

In the final episode of series two, Zoë recognizes Watt as the "missing heir" at an audition and attempts to turn him in to Jemadah. However, Sean and Watt gain access to Jemadah's car and Watt contacts his Uncle, who has been overthrown and realises that Jemadah has failed his mission. Back at the Ruddock's house, Jemadah arrives to kill Watt, but Watt destroys him by bouncing a laser beam off a satellite dish.

The second series ends with Watt bidding Sean farewell and gives him his photo. Watt transforms into a spaceship and flies back to his planet to take his place as the rightful ruler. Sean is called down to dinner, and he puts the photo of Watt on his bedside table, saying, "I'll always remember you Watt." After Sean leaves, Watt's photo comes to life and says, "And I'll always remember you."