Wegthor of superman: the man steel movie (2014)

It was one of the three moons Krypton: Koron, Mitne and Wegthor, the third moon Wegthor was the largest moon containing atmosphere and water, and had Also life form.

The Kryptonians use the colonia base for scientific means, Jax-UR was leader of a team of Wegthor scientists, his goal was to create a supernova dwarf star nearest the system, the president of the scientific council Expelled Jax-UR of Wegthor, he is accused of Exposing the danger to the Kryptonian system, using Their scientific base in the mountains of jewel, building a powerful missile for launch on Wegthor, destroying half of the moon and the death of the scientists, as revenge.

Jax-Ur was one of the ten convicted along with Zod and other criminals, When Jor-El built dimensional new prison called "Phantom Zone" Which Replaced the Fort Rozz destroyed or disappeared, When the initial prototype of the Phantom Zone project was damaged the criminally insane Dev-EM in the prison rebellion Caused by him being the only survivor dimensional explosion of Fort Rozz.

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