White Comet Empire
General Information
Body Type Similar to humans
Height Similar to humans
Skin Colors Green
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Militaristic
Language Cometine
Species Origin Andromeda Galaxy
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Blazers

Description Edit

The White Comet Empire (also known as the Cometine) are a green-skinned species from the Star Blazers universe. They are a similar height and build to humans, although they are of a much more brutal temperament. The White Comet Empire gets its name from their infamous Gatlantis model Star Fortresses, which resemble spiraling comets when they move. They have conquered their home, the Andromeda Galaxy, and have set their sights on the Milky Way.

Society Edit

The Cometine are ruled by a royal family which controls the homeworld and the core systems, a system of imperial governors rules the outer systems and other colonies. Overseeing all government business is the Cometine Emperor. Heirs to the throne are chosen from a young age, after being chosen the rest of the heirs life until they take the throne is filled with learning every facet of the Imperial Government and bureaucracy and the learning of military skills. Before taking the throne the heir must personally lead the Empire's military forces on a Tour of Conquest, which must add significant holdings to the Empire's territory. The only known member of the Cometine royal family was Crown Prince Zordar, who lead the initial invasion of the Milky Way in 2200 and was killed in combat in 2201.

Military Edit

Gatlantis Star Fortress

A Star Fortress firing.

The total size the Cometine military is unknown although its possible that its the largest in the known universe. The Cometine fleet utilizes massive formations of battleships, flanked by cruiser and destroyer squadrons, and backed up by carrier forces. These groups of ships attack the enemy head on and smash their way through their battle lines, overwhelming them with sheer numbers and fire power. The pride of the Cometine fleet are their Gatlantis model Star Fortresses. With nearly impenetrable shields and enough fire power to destroy Earth's moon with a few shots from its main batteries, these massive constructs are capable of annihilating entire navies single handily. Prince Zordar's personal fleet consisted of 1,643 ships and over 4,500 fighters and bombers, compared to the 600 ships and 2000 fighters the Earth Defense Fleet was able to muster in defense.

History Edit

Almost nothing is known about the White Comet Empire before their invasion of the Milky Way in 2200. Before 2200 they had conquered all space between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies. Earth and the rest of the Milky Way might have followed suit if not for the resistance of the Earth Defense Fleet and the intervention of a powerful being known as Trelania of Telezart. With the destruction of Gatlantis and the death of Prince Zordar, the White Comet Empire was forced to retreat from the Milky Way. While Earth hasn't heard from them since then, they have made several more attempts to invade but have been repulsed by the Galman/Gamilon Empire.

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