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Whizziwig is a creature that appeared in the children's books Whizziwig and Whizziwig Returns by Malorie Blackman. Whizziwig was later adapted into a TV series for children on CITV between 1998 and 2000.


Whizziwig is a pink female alien that is in the shape of a rugby ball and furry, with a cat like face and tiny arms. Aside from been able to levitate, her most recognized trait was been able to grant 'accidental/unintentional wishes'. To do this, a person would have to utter the words "I wish..." and wish for something. However, these wishes would only last 24 hours and, as stated, could not be intentional - so someone wishing for a lot of money wouldn't get it unless they wished for it without been direct. There was another factor, however - if Whizziwig didn't grant any wishes within a set amount of time, she would shrink and weaken with the real possibility of dying.

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Tony Howes (Wizziwig)

In the series, Whizziwig comes to Earth due to her ship been damaged and befriends a boy called Ben and his friend Steve - telling them of her power but also its restrictions. A common theme throughout the series was Ben and Steve trying to get Whizziwig to grant the wishes they really wanted while trying to make them seem unintentional - although Whizziwig later realized their scheme.

Ben also would often smuggle Whizziwig into school, often meaning a lot of comical scenarios due to Whizziwig granting wishes of anyone who unintentionally wished for something, such as when one of Ben's unintentional wishes caused Whizziwig to turn his friend Steve into a human-sized frog. However, on one occasion in particular, a person's unintentional wish that his teacher would die came true - resulting in a more sombre episode.


Whizziwig (Book)

Whizziwig Returns (Book)

Whizziwig (TV Series - 1998-2000)

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