Wonder World is the homeworld of the Meta-Human species.

Wonder World
Universe The Fairly OddParents Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Unknown
Notable Species Meta-Humans

Everyone in this world has super powers. Turbo Thunder lived with his parents happy until The Darkness appeared. The inhabitants attacked The Darkness with rockets, so in turn, it sends the Eliminators to attack the planet. During the attack the parents of Turbo Thunder were absorbed by The Darkness, after they sent Turbo Thunder to the space. The whole planet was absorbed by The Darkness. It is unknown if the planet was restored after The Darkness was defeated.

Notes Edit

  • The whole concept of Wonder World is a parody to Krypton, even so, there is a main difference between the two planets, the inhabitants of Krypton have no powers under their own sun.

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