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Wreaves are a race of beings who take full part of the ConSentiency, a collective of sentient species.

Physiology Edit

Wreaves are approximately humanoid, yet resemble insects: they have insectoid mandibles in place of mouths, faceted eyes, and a chitinous exoskeleton.

Culture Edit

This species has a highly developed culture that involves clan relationships extended to the whole of the species by means of - essentially - wife-swapping. Breeding females are traded between clans in order to create extended family relationships between all Wreaves; the 'distance' of the family relationship is immaterial to them. Wreaves maintain a strict code of honor, and to offend one Wreave is to offend that Wreave's family, which is effectively all Wreaves everywhere. To settle this dishonor requires killing the offender, and thusly, to dishonor a Wreave is to invite the wrath of the entire species upon oneself.

They are not known to gamble (likely due to their honorable code), and because of this an expression has surfaced: "a wreave bet", which means "a sure thing".

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