This article is about the Wrist Blades carried by yautja.

Wrist blades (Yautja: Ki'cti-pa) are the chosen weapon for most Predators on the hunt. Wrist blades are

Yautja Wrist Blades

retractable twin blades between six and eighteen inches long, between two and eight inches apart and sharp enough to cut through bone. The serrated edge on the back of each wrist blade is intended for use against unarmored adversaries.


Wrist blades are the primary weapons of the Predators, seemingly used to skin as well as kill with. They are long, metallic dagger-like blades which can be extended at a high speed from the Yautja's wrist holder.

Wrist blades are not without drawbacks, for example some of the longer ones are too long to be covered by the Hunter's claoking device. Also, the shorter ones are visible through their adaptive camo systems when covered in gore. They are also not acid-proof, and will melt when cutting a Xenomorph. However older Hunters, like Wolf, are allowed to use acid-resistant coating for their wrist blades or made of the same metal as the combi-stick, which remedies this.

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