The Second Alien War introduced aliens and new battlefields that took place underwater as well as on land. X-Com had been somewhat prepared for the war, as many alien technologies from the last war were useless underwater. X-Com was reduced to using compressed-air based weaponry, not very powerful but equally powerful on land and at sea. Later on, plutonium-powered Gauss Weapons based on the Elerium-powered Plasma Weapons quickly replaced the weak and clumsy dart guns and harpoon rifles. This is a list of all weapons and equipment used by X-Com during the Second War, including standard issue gear, homebrew technologies and Alien/X-Com hybrid technologies.


Dart Gun: Simple, light and handy, the Dart Gun pistol is the first of the Air Gun Weapon series. Though weak and short of ammo, it is handy for Aquanauts who don't want to suffer the penalties of carrying two items at once, such as those equipped with Thermal Tasers.

Jet Harpoon: The humble Jet Harpoon rifle offers

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