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tandem X-wing starfighter was a modified two-seat version of Incom's more common T-65 X-wing.


In addition to its larger hull and expanded cockpit, it mounted seven sublight engines compared to the standard X-wing's four, and had additional armor on the forward hull.[2] It mounted armament similar to the standard X-wing.


The tandem X-wing was a custom project abandoned on Baramorra by the individual who commissioned it. It was acquired by Kir Kanos under his bounty hunter guise of Kenix Kil. Kanos used the ship to leave the planet, abandoning the Skipray Blastboat in which he arrived.[2] Kanos took the ship to Genon to infiltrate the organization of Grappa the Hutt.[4]

Tav Kennede subsequently acquired the ship and used it to fly to Xo in 11 ABY to rescue Kir Kanos and Mirith Sinn from the Zanibar. The same fighter was flown soon afterward by Kennede and Sinn as part of a New Republic assault against Grappa the Hutt's fortress on Genon.[3] After his execution of Xandel Carivus, Kanos used the fighter to escape the New Republic fleet.


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