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Xa Fel Race

The Xa Fel were a race of near-humans native to a planet of the same name. A primitive species by galactic standards, the Xa Fel were farmers and hunters before Kuat Drive Yards took control of the planet. In almost no time, manufacturing complexes took over the landscape, and the Xa Fel were powerless to stop it. They were virtually enslaved by KDY as laborers, and a number of genetic mutations caused by the polluted environment drew them away from the mainline human stock. Because of this contamination, the average lifespan of the Xa Fel dropped from 120 years to just 50 years. When the New Republic took control of the planet shortly after the Battle of Endor, it ordered KDY to begin a massive clean-up effort that would allow the Xa Fel to return to their previous life. The attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn halted this effort temporarily.

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