Xeexi by thetitan99-d3l8s0b
Xeexi is an intelligent alien villain from Sym-Bionic Titan who appears in The Phantom Ninja.  

Origin Edit

His species comes from the planet Mutradd which in the verge of falling apart. Inhabitants of the planet even if they are not born but their ancestors originate from there are called “Mutraddi” which could be a possible translation for aliens. The Mutraddis vary in sizes as they could be as large a human being or could be beastly and gigantic. According to the series, only a few of them are only capable of speaking.


Xeenxi looks like a combination of an octopus and a bug that is color red. It is an invertebrate so he does not have a back bone just like his water creature counterpart. His upper body looks like an insect as it has an antennae and a large head with a very small body that has 6 legs that vary in sizes so that it could support his whole body. Besides that, he also has 6 tentacles that make him really long and also a very long tail that that resemble a tentacle but it has pointy end. He has yellow eyes with two pupils at the center that go in opposite direction when he smiles and very sharp teeth.


Xeexi is one of the highest ranking troop members from General Modula’s army of villains so he is the third one to be sent on Earth to kill the Princess Ilana. Upon landing on Earth, he immediately tracks the princess using an activation device tracker. He then finds Lance and kidnaps him to locate Ilana. Unfortunately, Lance escapes then the Sym-bionic Titan assembles then battles him off. Xeexi gets defeated but before he is able to record about them and sends it Gallaluna where General Modula is residing. It is unsure on whether or not it dies at the end of the episode but it could be seen that it is inside the space vehicle that gets crushed.


Xeexi is very powerful as he could enter the body of human beings through the going into the mouth and manipulating


Xeexi attacking

their internal system until he/she speaks out the answer. What happens is that the tentacles hold the body down while the head penetrates through the mouth down the mouth. Xeexi is going to infiltrate the blood vessel and skin to the point the eyes blotch out.


According to the creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, he is “successful in creating a very tense and suspenseful scene” through this character that he describes as more of a creep than being frightening.

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