Xenofungus, or Fungus, is a plantform native to Planet. It is made up of crimson tubules ranging from microscopic size to several meters large, growing in tangled heaps that can cover miles.


The Fungus has been Planet's dominant lifeform since about the lower paleozoic on Earth. Nearly every aspect of Planet's ecosystem depends on it, and in turn, it depends on the ecosystem for all of its needs. Xenofungus exists in two varieties, one that grows on land an aquatic variety called Sea Fungus.

Xenofungus is very difficult to traverse by normal means, due to the nature of the huge, thick fungal tendrils. Another hazard it provides is that it is used as breeding grounds by the Mind Worms. Mind Worm Boils are especially dangerous when one attacks something in an area of Xenofungus. However, against anything besides Mind Worms, the Fungus provides excellent natural cover.


As mentioned, the Fungus is a crucial element in Planet's environment. It manages the environment, making sure every resource available is redistributed to where it is needed. In return, many native lifeforms tend to the Fungus.


The Fungus has been observed to have some form of sentience. In actuality, the Xenofungus, the Mind Worms and most of Planet's native life is part of a hive mind derived from the Fungus itself. However, the environment of the Planet has been locked in a tragic cycle. Once every hundred-million years or so, the neural net fungus finally achieves the critical mass needed to become sentient. The final metamorphosis kills off most of the other life on the planet. Without the help of its symbiotic partners, the Fungus quickly dies back to its original "Flower Dream," unable to reverse the damage after achieving its godlike state. It is possible that the human colonists can halt this tragedy.

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