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Xenomorph Prime or Proteus is the Xenomorph's home world.

Xenomorph Prime/Proteus
Universe AVP Universe
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Unknown
Primary Terrain Very similar to LV-426, climate is very chaotic, and is covered in hive-like terrain throughout the planet.
Notable Species Xenomorphs

Background Edit

Proteus has a cold and harsh climate. Much like LV-426, it is rife with volcanoes and turbulent wind storms. Millions of years ago, this planet was used as a storage house by the Space Jockey race to contain and breed Xenomorphs, for use in their ancient and brutal civil war. This planet is also home to rare, red-hued Xenomorphs, who frequently fight their black-colored rivals. This planet has never been seen on film.  It was considered by director Ridley Scott as a possible location to be explored in the 2013 film Prometheus but was ultimately not included in the final product.

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