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The YL-2200 light freighter was a light freighter on the market around the time of the Battle of Hoth. It is known that the Rebellion made use of this craft.


The YL-2200 light freighter was manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation, measuring 28.2 meters in length. It required a crew of only one pilot, as well as a single gunner, and could transport six passengers. The YL-2200 could carry 100 metric tons of cargo, as well as two months worth of consumables. They cost 100,000 credits to buy new, and only 25,000 credits used.[1]

The YL-2200 could reach speeds of eight hundred kilometers an hour in atmosphere, and had a Class 2 hyperdrive, with a Class 12 back-up. The vessels had a navigation computer and deflector shield generator installed, along with two laser cannons mounted on turrets.


The Out Runner was a modified YL-2200 light freighter in service to the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


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