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YM-2800 Limpet Ship

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Limpet ship
YM-2800 limpet ship was a survey and mining vessel used by the Rebel Alliance to deploy troopers into Imperial starships.


Though possessing heavy particle shielding, YM-2800 were not equipped with ray shields.


As a mining vessel, the limpet was designed to attach itself to the surface of a planet or an asteroid, then use plasma beam cutters to cut through the rocky surface to valuable materials below. However, Rebel Alliance came up with the idea of using these ships to breach and board enemy space vessels. Usually it was freighters and storehouses that were assaulted, but occasionally military vessels were attacked as well.[1]

They were first used during the battle of Per Lupelo. Luke Skywalker later took one of these ships to rescue his friend, Janek Sunber, from the Empire.

They were also used to deploy Alliance Special Forces SpaceOps into enemy ships.


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