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The YT-1200 medium freighter was a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-series freighter that served as the basis for Nova-Drive's license-built 3-Z light freighter. They had tubular, elongated cockpits and rounded hulls. Each vessel was 28 meters long.


The YT-1200, along with the YT-1210 light freighter, was released after the YT-1000. Customers preferred the older YT-1000 freighters, and once the YT-1300 light freighter was released, sales of the YT-1200 disappeared. CEC later took the existing YT-1200s and modified them into the YT-1250 freighter.


The YT-1200 and YT-1210 were virtually the same, except for the fact that the YT-1200 had two cylindrical engines as compared to the YT-1210's three. The YT-1200 had the traditional side-mounted cockpit, a long sensor boom on the front, and 10 attachment points for add-ons.


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