Yahir was a Desserian and aide of Zin - being one of the 218 criminals that escaped from SAR TOP Prison to Earth.


Yahir was another of Zin's close allies - the other been Medoran. His crime was not revealed, but he was one of the last of the fugitives to escape to Earth - taking over the last available human body on the train.

Yahir in his human form, from the video footage

Yahir in his human form, from the video footage.

The body he took over belonged to a man called Rudy McManus, who had escaped from a psychiatric institution a few days before and found himself on the train when the fugitives escaped from SAR TOP to Earth. The Police later found and arrested Rudy, having to forcibly drug him to return him to the institute, due to Yahir never been one to submit easily. Cole found out about him from video footage of the fugitives  he acquired during his hunt for an Enixian called Fenhill. Having discovered where he was, Cole sought to enter the psychiatric ward and interrogate Yahir - both for finding out more about Zin's plans as well as to learn more information about the Vardian artifact that Mel's Grandmother had. In order to get inside, Cole fakes details about himself and Mel (with her pretending to be his half-sister) so he can be put into the same psychiatric institute.

Inside, Cole met and managed to befriend the other patients, with him giving his jelly to one patient who
Cole talks to Yahir about the artifact

Cole talks to Yahir about the Artifact.

had a liking for it and fixing the broken radio of another patient called Stevie - who talks for the first time in years by thanking Cole and later begins to think of Cole as a superhero. He also meets a man called Fredrick Rappaport - a staff member who secretly claims to Cole that he is an undercover agent who has been at the institute for 5 years making a report of what goes on there, although he shows a phobia of been around the patients as he thinks their 'craziness' will rub off on him. During his stay, Cole tries to talk to Yahir - pretending to be another patient. Talking to Mel quietly during her visit, he states he needs to get Yahir off his drugs enough to be interrogated. Gaining access to the medicine room, Cole manages to change Rudy's medicine - before pretending to gain entry when one of the nurses
Yahir with his regained camoflauge ability

Yahir with his regained camouflage ability.

see him near the door.

Sneaking out one night, Cole goes to Rudy and draws a picture of the Vardian Artifact - with Rudy identifying it as 'the key' and saying that it's the reason Zin and all the fugitives are there but begins to babble, saying about the key been necessary to 'take the fugitives home and free them all'. Using his hyper-time ability, Cole avoids a staff member checking the rooms and returns to bed. Cole manages to convince Mel to bring the artifact in, although due to Cole changing Rudy's medication,
Yahir attacks Cole

Yahir attacks Cole.

Yahir has realized who Cole really is. Mel warns Cole that it's getting too dangerous, but Cole is sure he can handle Yahir. Unbeknown to them both, Yahir has regained his Desserian camouflage ability.

Sneaking out again that night, Cole goes to find Yahir - only to be attacked by him (with Yahir having fully recovered his memories) and drugged. He is found by the staff and woken up, while they begin a search for Rudy - with all wards been fully locked down. Mel tries to get in to talk to Cole (after been told by him during her earlier visit to meet him in the parking lot) but is told to leave. As she does, she doesn't see Yahir appear and begin to follow her.  Cole is given a drug to help him remember, with Cole saying about Rudy been an alien but he is restrained by the staff when he tries to get away. Seeing Cole been taken away, the other patients who Cole has befriended - along with Frederick - rally together and manage to distract the staff. This buys Cole the distraction he needs to break free and escape.

Cole takes Yahir's life force

Cole takes Yahir's life force.

Although still feeling a bit dizzy from the drugs he was given, Cole was able to use his hyper-time ability and reach Mel in time as Yahir (who has snuck into the back seat of her car and failed to force her to drive) tries to stab her. Pulling Yahir out, Cole pins him down before using the collector to pull out his life force.

Returning to the Watchfire, Cole expresses his disappointment at not getting the information he wanted from Yahir regarding the artifact, although Mel reminds him that his mission wasn't a total loss as Cole has captured Yahir and was able to help the many patients at the institute.


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