General Information
Homeworld Yardrat
Habitat City
Behavior Friendly, smart, easily frightened.
Status Data deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dragon Ball Universe
Created by Akira Toriyama

The Yardrats are a race of aliens in the Dragonball Universe, native to the planet Yardrat.



The Yardrat find an injured Goku after he lands on Yardrat.

In the Frieza saga, Goku left the exploding planet Namek after defeating Frieza by using one of the Ginyu Force's attack balls.  He landed on Yardrat, which had been the Ginyu Force's next target after Namek.  There he was nursed back to his full health by the Yardrats, and they taught him a new technique, the Instant Transmission Technique.   The Instant Transmission Technique is where you can teleport anywhere in the universe just in an instant.  The Yardrats were not a very strong race of people but were very smart.  


The Yardrats are small, pink men with pointy ears and blue spots on their heads.  They all look identical and seem to be asexual, seeming that no (noticeable) females were shown.  Their usual attire is red pants with an armored jacket which only covers one of their shoulders, over a white shirt that has a turtleneck collar.  

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