Yavaun is the planet of the Children of Yavaun located somewhere in unknown space. Similar to Earth it hosts a diverse bio-sphere. Strangely it is the home of not just one sentient species but four. Yavaun is orbited by two moons.

Geography Edit

  • Wild Lands: A region located in the northern continent.
  • Ventor River: A river that runs through the Wild Lands and connects northward to Chemax Lake.
  • Chemax Lake: A lake that connect to Ventor River in the north.
  • Old Imperial Nation: The location of the Tha' Roon Empire, situated west of Chemaz Lake.
  • Ocean of Culdron: The western ocean.
  • Bonca Plains: A penisula located on the western part of the continent next to the Ocean of Culdron.
  • Unjea Bay:
  • Lake of the Heart:
  • Black Pit Lake:

Ecology and Geology of Yavaun Edit

As well as each other, any given race must be wary of the planet itself. Its various flora and fauna can be troublesome to a scenario if not dealt with.


Bonca are social animals that resemble rhinos. Domesticated Bonca are used by the races for various tasks (the Shama'Li, for instance, ride them into battle). Wild Bonca are mostly docile unless riled, in which case they become powerful nuisances. Large, strong and very durable, Boncas and their young are best left alone.

Dinge Vermin

Scavengers attracted to shiny objects, Dinge Vermin keep themselves hidden with a hard-to-see transparency until they get close. They can often be found raiding Courthouses for the resources of the player. It's usually best to wipe out any that can be seen nearby.

Slinck Weeds

Able of resembling the local flora, these quadrupedal menaces lie in wait for harvesting units (usually Workers) to walk past and then attacks them. They are hard to spot and quickly kill weaker units, so a player might not even know they're there until a Worker mysteriously vanishes on the way back to base.


Small animal/plant hybrids with conical noses, usually met in groups. They use ranged attacks to attack anything they consider prey.

Foul Fess

A hideous biological terror, created by the irresponsible genetic waste produced by the various technologies of the races. They hide in swampy areas, ambushing units that pass by. Their attacks can sap life energy directly to feed themselves, making them hard to defeat without a larger force.

Ionic Brakus

These small animals give off powerful ion pulses, disrupting any technologies in the area. Any vehicles, drones or robotically-enhanced units must stay clear or be deactivated. Their corpses can be valuable, so it's worth destroying them whenever possible.

Rubble Fiend

In certain ruined cities, these giant rock monsters have taken up residence and will attack intruders that come close. Since it is made of rock, it is very difficult to destroy and are hard to notice until unlucky units get too close.


A fearsome presence, these huge six-legged lizards are a major problem if they happen to live nearby. Fortunately, they are more or less docile unless riled. They amass large amounts of treasure at their lairs, but are generally not worth the trouble they bring when incensed.

The Countenance

An utterly bizarre anomaly, the Countenance is a colossal face that raises out of the ground destroying structures, roads and bridges in the process. It is currently unknown if it itself is a sentient creature or some sort of manifestation of the planet itself. It cannot be removed without great losses, so it's best to just leave it alone.

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