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The Yehat Terminator is the ship that the Yehat have. This was the second highest ranked ship in the Alliance’s roster during the Ur-Quan Slave War (2095 -2134), due to having a high refueling, turning, ship and thrust speed,its weapon range and damage amount is very high (as it has a Pulse Cannon that fires twin energy missiles), plus its special power is an impenetrable Force Shield that protects the ship’s crew.

On the flip side, however, the ship doesn’t have a large amount of fuel or crew, plus the Shield won’t protect the Terminator from planetary collisions, as crew members can still be lost if contact is made with a planet during a melee. The ships are also costly to build during a full game.

Ship stats Edit

  • Alignment: Alliance of Free Stars
  • Crew size: Fair
  • Fuel amount: Fair
  • Refueling speed: Very high
  • Thrust: Fairly high
  • Turning speed: Very high
  • Ship speed: High
  • Weapon range: High
  • Weapon damage: Very high
  • Special power: Force Shield
  • Cost to build (full game only): Very high

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