Kokey and family
Universe Kokey Universe
Homeworld Yekok
Average Height Same as humans
Diet Omnivorous (Presumed)
Intelligence Level Sapient

Yekokans are sapient humanoids from the planet Yekok.


Yekokans possess brown skin and bulgy eyes. They are approximately the same size as humans.

Culture and societyEdit

The Yekokans are generally a peaceful and friendly race. They usually wear metallic clothing.

Notable YekokansEdit

  • Kokey - an alien whose spaceship crashed on Earth.
  • Kakay - Kokey's mother
  • Kokoy - Kokey's father
  • Kekay - Kokey's furry little sister
  • Korokoy - a hostile Yekokan who seeks the crystal Kokey values the most.

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