292px-Janice Rand, 2266

Yeoman Janice Rand in 2266

292px-Janice Rand, 2293

Commander Janice Rand in 2293

Janice Rand was born in 2232, joined Starfleet at a relatively young age, and continued to serve for almost thirty years. In 2266, she served aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk as the captain's yeoman. Rand's quarters were first in room "3C 46" on Deck 12, (TOS: "The Enemy Within") and later room "3F 125". (TOS: "Charlie X")

Service record Edit

The five-year mission Edit

Initially, Captain Kirk was surprised that Starfleet had assigned a female yeoman to his command. However, after seeing Rand's efficient work ethic in action, Kirk grew to respect her as a crew member and friend. Despite their professional relationship, an undercurrent of sexual attraction remained between the two. Kirk, however, could not requite the feelings Rand felt for him, due to his position as ship's captain. (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver", "The Naked Time", "Balance of Terror")

Yeoman Rand was among the most popular members of the Enterprise's crew, second only to Lieutenant Uhura, who was her good friend. (TOS: "Charlie X") She was known for her compassion and thoughtfulness toward others. During a tense standoff, while the Enterprise played "possum" with a Romulan ship in the Neutral Zone, Rand made a point of visiting Kirk in his quarters. Hoping to console Kirk, who was preoccupied by the potential for a second Romulan war, she offered to bring him food or coffee. Their attraction came apparent during a Romulan attack. Rand and Kirk were on the bridge as the Romulans fired their energy weapon at the Enterprise. Rand immediately sought protection from the attack in the arms of the Captain. (TOS: "Balance of Terror")

180px-James Kirk embraces Janice Rand

In the arms of the Captain

180px-James Kirk forcefully grabs Janice Rand

Encountering Kirk's duplicate in 2266

An artist by hobby, Janice had several paintings she created hanging in her quarters aboard the Enterprise. (TOS: "The Enemy Within") When an evil duplicate of Captain Kirk was created during a transporter malfunction, his bestial and lustful half hungered for Rand. The duplicate mentioned to her the feelings they'd been hiding, claiming she was "too beautiful to ignore", "too much woman", and that they both been "pretending too long". The duplicate finally tried to rape Rand, but she defended herself and left a large scratch on the duplicate's face, which helped the crew differentiate between the two Kirk "halves". The situation was resolved, and the two halves of Kirk were merged in the transporter.(TOS: "The Enemy Within")

Later that year, orphaned teenager Charles Evans came aboard the Enterprise. The troubled boy drew out Rand's maternal instincts, and she quickly befriended Evans, hoping to help him ease back into regular life. Evans, the sole survivor of a transport crash, had little experience with other Humans and quickly became infatuated with Rand. Unsure how to deal with Evans' crush, Rand asked Captain Kirk to speak to the boy on her behalf. Soon thereafter, the Enterprise crew discovered Evans' secret - while Evans was alone on Thasus, the mysterious Thasian race had taken pity on the boy and granted Evans special powers. In a fit of anger and pique, Evans used these superhuman abilities against the crew, turning one crewwoman into a lizard and removing the faces of some junior officers. When Rand turned down Evans' advances, he literally made her disappear from the Enterprise. The Thasians intervened and quickly returned Evans to Thasus. After her return to the Enterprise, Rand was shocked and troubled by the Thasians' actions. Having seen how desperately Evans wanted to stay aboard the ship, Rand confided to Kirk her feelings of friendship for the boy. (TOS: "Charlie X")

180px-Janice Rand Miri disease

Janice Rand suffering from life prolongation complex

Kirk and Rand repeatedly felt an attraction for one another, but resisted discussing or acting on their feelings openly. But, under stressful situations, Kirk's strong feelings for Rand came to the surface. During one mission, Rand, Kirk and other members of a landing party were trapped on a planet that is an exact copy of the earth and where only children survived; adults quickly developed a wasting disease called life prolongation complex. Eventually, Rand began showing signs of the disease. Crying and upset, she sought comfort in the arms of the Captain. Miri, a teenage girl whom the team had befriended, witnessed this and became jealous. She didn't like Kirk's attention towards Rand and Rand's "lovey dovey" looks at the Captain.

She felt that Rand was her "competition" and briefly betrayed the landing party by letting the other children abduct Rand. Kirk, under stress from the disease, began showing his strong feelings towards Rand. For a short while, he became lovesick about Rand's disappearance, grabbing Miri and shouting, "Where is she Miri? Where is she Miri? Where's Janice? Has something happened to her?…Where's Janice?...I've got find Janice!". (TOS: "Miri") And after a waterborne virus spread through the Enterprise, affecting the emotions of the crew, Kirk suddenly shouts to Spock, "I have a beautiful yeoman!". Later, in the center seat on the bridge, fogged by the virus, he reaches a hand out to his "beautiful yeoman" standing next to him looking away at the screen and whispers under his breath, "No beach to walk on." Meaning, he and Rand in other circumstances, might have had a life together. (TOS: "The Naked Time")

Rand transferred from the Enterprise in early 2267. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

Later career Edit

180px-Janice Rand, 2270s

Transporter Chief in 2273

180px-Janice Rand, 2286

At Starfleet Headquarters in 2286

In 2273, Rand returned to the Enterprise, which was now under the command of Captain Willard Decker. While the ship underwent refit in spacedock, Rand served as the transporter chief. She remained aboard the ship after the V'Ger incident, when the Enterprise embarked on its second five-year mission of exploration, again captained by now-Admiral Kirk. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) After the Enterprise returned to Earth in 2278, Rand decided to undergo officer training. She was promoted to ensign after three years. She transferred to Earth Spacedock in 2285. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; VOY: "Flashback") When an alien probe menaced Earth in 2286, she was working at Starfleet Command. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

In 2290, Lieutenant Rand was assigned as communications officer to the USS Excelsior, under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu. In 2293, Captain Sulu violated his orders to rescue Captain Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy from the Klingon prison colony Rura Penthe. Rand understood his motivations and agreed with his decision. She even chided Ensign Tuvok for questioning the captain's decision. (VOY: "Flashback")

The Excelsior later played a key role in the Khitomer Peace Conference that same year, by assisting the USS Enterprise-A in its battle with General Chang's prototype Klingon Bird-of-Prey, thereby preventing the assassination of the Federation President and Klingon Chancellor Azetbur. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

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