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The Ymir
General Information
Homeworld Venus
Height Up to 20 feet tall
Diet Sulfur
Sapience Level Semi-sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe 20 Million Miles to Earth
Created by Ray Harryhausen and Charlotte Knight

The Ymir is a semi-sapient, reptilian humanoid that is native to planet Venus. Virtually nothing is known about the Ymir in its natural habitat, except that it feeds on sulfur and is somehow able to survive in the harsh environment of its home-world.


A Ymir egg was found by Human scientists during an expedition to explore Venus and its mineral resources. The egg was brought to Earth to be studied, but unfortunately, the spaceship crashed just off the coast of the Sicily region of Italy. The Ymir egg fell out of the hole in the ship and floated onto the beach of Sicily. After this, a young boy found the egg and eventually gave it to a scientist. When the Ymir hatched and emerged from its egg, it began to grow more and more due to the oxygen-rich atmosphere of Earth. The huge beast started causing chaos and destruction as it searched for sulfur to eat. The alien was eventually killed by Human authorities.


  • 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)


The ymir is a strange animal, possessing scaly, reptilian skin, but being shaped like a primate. It feeds on sulfur, and the oxygen-rich atmosphere of earth, it grows rapidly. It is unclear if it would ever stop growing at all. It appears to be warmblooded, as it remains active during extended periods of time.


The ymir is driven by instincts and a desire to survive, and like any animal, it is neither good nor evil. It hasn't got any grand schemes of conquering worlds, or,at first, at least, wiping out humanity. Instead, it is driven by a craving for sulfur, and will stop at nothing to find a good meal. It's apitite is insatiable. At birth, it was perfectly safe around humans, as it had grown up around them, but will attack unfamiliar animals. However, when it preyed upon a dog, the owner of said dog retaliated and stabbed the ymir with a pitchfork. Since then, the ymir became misanthropic, and remained violent and fearful of humans. It destroyed buildings and spread havoc, including mauling a zoo elephant to death.  


This movie was released in 1957 but it depicts a futuristic themed world set 81 years in the future, in 2038. Here are some predictions that the movie got right:

  • The United States of America would have a manned space program in the future. - This took place beginning in 1962 with John Glenn orbiting the Earth although it depicted a manned mission to Venus the Americans are considering going to Mars in real life rather than Venus. Although Manned interplanetary space mission might be a true event the movie had a Military Manned Space mission where as in real life with the mission to mars its a Civilian manned space mission going to Mars. The problem with this is that Military space missions are usually top secret, even details on non-manned military space missions are rarely discussed to the public in the early 21st century. So in this movie the Pentagon in Washington, tracking the ship but in real life it will be at ground control in Houston, Texas.
  • Female doctors would become more common place. - After the women's rights movement in the 1970s women slowly gained more recognition by the 2010s decade more and more women had become doctors.
  • Ground based cars and trucks would still be common place in the early 21st century. - Since the movie Metropolis that came out in the 1920s many science fiction writers would always assume that in the early 21st century most people would have flying cars. However this movie seems to have taken a more realistic and pragmatic approach to the concept of vehicular transportation in the future by indicating that people would still be driving around in ground based cars.
  • Venus having a harsh, inhospitable environment with a sulfuric atmosphere-- At the time this movie was made, it was still considered likely that Venus was a tropical jungle or ocean world. Although scientists today believe it is unlikely that life exists on venus (especially not anything like the Ymir!), the movie did get several details about the planet right, such as it having a poisonous, sulfuric atmosphere.