Yrrillian Battle Cruiser - front view.

The Yrrillian Battle Cruiser (also called the Mothership) is an alien spacecraft that appears in the TV show 'Aquila'. Although mentioned a few times in the series, it appears briefly in the final episode. Not a lot is known about its true potential and capacities but it is able to 'service' and 'repair' itself as long as it has enough power.


The Yrrillian battle cruiser is originally where the lifepod / lifecraft Aquila came from. The Yrrillians themselves were from a planet called Deneb, with the ships they made been 'built to last' - as shown by Aquila's ability to blast through solid objects without even a scratch. From what Aquila's computer tells Geoff and Tom, the battle cruiser that Aquila came from was apparently destroyed in the 'Fourth Yrrillian War' about 6000 years ago, with Aquila (a lifecraft/survival pod) been jettisoned from it before its apparent destruction and been driven to Earth by one of the crew.


Yrrillian Battle Cruiser - Rear view

However, later in the second series, when Dunston manages to link Aquila to his computer he finds out that while the crew on the cruiser were all killed in the Fouth Yrrillian War during the ship's apparent destruction, the ship itself was still mostly intact with its core been 47% viable. This amount of energy was more than enough for the ship to begin repairing itself. In the 6000 years that have gone by, the ship has fully repaired itself - flying in an elliptical orbit that brings it close to Earth once every 2 years. Telling Tom and Geoff this information, Dunston asked for the pair to fly out to the ship and bring back one of the vessel's 44 portable communication units, so that Dunston won't have to patch through Aquila to find out information. Tom and Geoff agree, with Geoff contemplating all the fun they could have with a battle cruiser.


Aquila (TV Series)

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