Cane Adiss

The Yuvernians were a race of tall, bicephalous beings, with each head sitting atop its own long thin neck. At least one Yuvernian had mottled yellow skin covered with dark spots. The Yuvernian homeworld was the planet Yuvern, where parenting in the species' society was carried out by groups called parental collectives. Cane Adiss was a Yuvernian who left Yuvern and traveled across the galaxy, becoming a spice smuggler for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, despite the wishes of his parental collective that he focus on matters related to his homeworld.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

The Yuvernians were a snakelike sentient species, and at least one of their members had mottled yellow skin covered with dark spots. Yuvernians were bicephalous, and each head sat atop its own long thin neck. The color of the Yuvernian Cane Adiss's spots varied, with one head and neck possessing dark gray spots and the other having ones that were purple in appearance. Each head had an elongated skull, and while the rear of one cranium took the shape of a round elevated ridge, the rear of its opposite number gave form to a thinner, more cylindrical protrusion. Both of Cane Adiss's heads had blue eyes that were found on the sides of his heads, as well as a beaklike snout. At least one of his heads possessed a mouthful of teeth that included both upper and lower fangs. Yuvernians were considered large beings, with Adiss standing at 2.4 meters tall and measuring 4.8 meters long. They could not comfortably fit into the majority of the galaxy's light freighters, and Adiss was required to use the private elevator of Jabba the Hutt when in the crime lord's palace, as no other lifts were large enough.

Society and cultureEdit

Yuvernians hailed from the planet Yuvern, in the Yuvern system of the Oplovis sector. Parenting in their society was carried out by groups called parental collectives, who believed that young members of the species should concentrate on Yuvernian affairs rather than on the outside galaxy. Yuvernians were allowed to leave their homeworld when they came of age. Offworlders sometimes visited the planet, including traders and representatives of the Galactic Empire.


After coming of age, Yuvernians were allowed to leave their homeworld. One such Yuvernian was spotted at Fornax Station prior to 0 ABY. Another was Cane Adiss, who constantly dreamed of exploring the galaxy in his youth. He left Yuvern before 0 BBY with the Quor'sav trader Kal'Falnl C'ndros and developed strong piloting skills, visiting dozens of worlds. After parting ways with C'ndros, Adiss began working as a spice smuggler for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Before 4 ABY, the Imperial Oplovis sector fleet was in the Yuvern system and engaged a fleet belonging the Rebel Alliance. Adiss observed the battle from a starship of his own as the Imperials were overwhelmed and fled the system.

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