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Toxic Reapa

Z'chayans are toxic techno-organic insectoids and inhabitants of Z'chaya.


The only known member of the species is "Toxic Reapa." A criminal that is arrested by Hero Factory. After the Breakout, he back to his homeworld and bring his own army of larvae. but, later arrested by Evo and went back to Villain Storage.

The species are very well known to dangerous in the galaxy and don't seem to bother anyone, they only evolve this way to survive.


Enhanced strength, armor exoskeleton, toxic immunity, enhanced agility, wall clawing, enhanced reflex and high jumping skills. Also, shooting toxic goo from two pores on each side of their mouth and toxic blasters that the slime that burns like acid or to trap prey.


Like Earth's insect, they start out from larvae to full grown adult Z'chayans. The larvae have large heads and four legs, still have ability shoot slime and travel in a swarm. The Adult stage are more dangerous and hard to capture, making them well adapted to the jungle and jump high to the tree branches.

Known NotableEdit

  • Toxic Reapa (Villain)

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