Zarkhator in his final form

Zarkhator is a dangerous shapeshifting creature that used red meteors to corrupt most of the life on the planet it was found upon.

Zarkhator is an eternal being, having been born from the explosion that created the SPORE Galaxy (which is, in effect, believed to be the Milky Way Galaxy by an alternate name). As such, he is the brother of the Sporeling, although he is far stronger than his sibling, and had soundly defeated his brother in combat on all other planets, leading to their devastation and ultimate corruption. They are stuck on an never-ending cycle, and when they die they are converted back into psychic energy, returning to space to await the other's demise, at which point both are sent to another planet to vie for its control. As such, they are essentially deities.

These two beings are brothers, born from the galaxy, and when they die their bodies convert back into psychic energy and return into space for the cycle can begin again, and fall to a new planet.

Life CycleEdit

Zarkhator transitions between different forms during the game. In his first form he is weak and has white eyes. In his second form he is strong so he can push red meteors. He eventually reaches boss proportions.

Background historyEdit

Zarkhator and Sporeling have been battling over planets for an untold number of millennia, with Zarkhator always winning and taking over each and every world in turn. Despite this, Sporeling continued to follow his evil brother in his desperate attempt to save the galaxy. They both eventually landed upon an unnamed planet, and their battle continued with each hatching into larval forms.

Zarkhator emerged from the red meteor on Creature Beach. Other meteors land in other areas of the planet, and he travels to each in turn, followed always by Sporeling. In Mushroom Valley, he attempted to crush his brother under a red meteor but failed, only managing to corrupt the Big Chief instead; with this, he flees. He then sets up an ambush in Moonlit Stoneway, but fails and is defeated, only to escape capture yet again. Again Sporeling and Zarkhator meet, this time in Mushroom Grove, though this time he secretly shapeshifts into a trustworthy form in order to feed his brother the poisonous Suwapootoo Fruit. He also conspires with various corrupted creatures here to bring his red meteors to specific locations across the planet.

Eventually, he attempts to get to the planet's brain, and must race Sporeling to the location although he fails. Instead he makes it to the heart of the planet, where he sets up for a final battle against his brother. Despite three attempts to defeat his brother, this time around he fails due to the usage of the Spor-o-Mega, which can allow manipulated evolution. With this, Sporeling "devolves" Zarkhator into a completely harmless form, to which the other creatures laugh at him. Embarrassed, he runs away. He was never seen nor heard from again.


Despite that Zarkhator is the final boss, he appears in other previous boss battles as well.


  • SPORE Hero (First appearance) (final boss)

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